Membership Class Rates

$20/class – Single class
$140/month – Single month membership
$100/month – 4 month membership contract*



College student discount. $20 off per month with 4 month membership contract*
Example: $80/month with a 4 month membership contract*

Extra family member discount. $20 off per month for all additional family members With 4 month membership contract*. The maximum amount one family will pay is $280/month for unlimited family members.

Example: $100 + $80 = $180/month for 2 family members.

$100 + $80 + $60 = $240/month for 3 family members.

$280/month for 4 or more family members.


Starter Package

$120- includes gi (karate uniform) and one month membership (value of $175).


Email HallofMartialArts@gmail.com now to sign up!



You may not use multiple discounts at the same time.
*may be subject to a cancellation fee