Master Class with Shihan Sensei Hannu Nietosvuori

We were very honored to host Shihan Sensei Hannu Nietosvuori of Finland for a Master Class this March. With the new dojo having only opened one week prior, this gathering was the perfect grand opening celebration for the new space and all the students.

The weekend began with a special opening ceremony honoring the new dojo. Hannu Sensei learned this ceremony from our late Soke Iwao Tamotsu in Japan. It was very special to receive this as a dojo warming gift during our Master Class weekend.

This master class drew students of all skill levels from across Florida. The training weekend was divided into 3 classes on both Saturday and Sunday, with a special blackbelt class on Friday night. Our focus ranged from kata basics, light sparring for warm up, yakusoku kumite, bag work, kata application, and bow kata for the black belts.

This event was a huge success and by bringing Shihan Hannu from Finland, we are able to continue to strengthen our connections to highly ranked practitioners around the world. This will grow comradely within our style and raise the bar for Renshikan USA. Thank you to all the students who participated! We intend to host this Master Class annually.

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